How it works

How our IT support desk service worksOnce we have agreed with you an appropriate service schedule and service level agreement , we will provide a series of dedicated facilities to your organisation, including :

  • Telephone number(s) for call forwarding or direct dialling
  • Email addresses for electronic issue logging
  • A dedicated service manager, responsible for ensuring that we meet our service agreements with you.

On receipt of a call, we will log it into our ticketing system. An engineer will perform an intial triage of the issue and establish whether it can be handled remotely or via telephone. If the call can be handled by us, then we will contact the customer directly as your IT support desk and step through the issue to resolution.

Where you have your own IT resources and want to handle on-site calls we pass these back to you as a ticket requiring action and we will ask you to update the ticket as the status changes. In the absence of regular updates, our IT support desk team will follow up with you to keep the status current and to maintain the flow of information to the customer.

If required, we can also provide an on-site call out service where one of our engineers will attend as your representative to resolve an issue.

You can choose to use us for all your IT support calls, only during times of peak activity,  or when a specific project is being implemented and you need additional resource.

That’s really all there is to it. We extend the reach of your existing IT support desk providing you with a simple, scalable solution that will always be available – with low minimum charges.